We’ve been practicing the dentistry of tomorrow
for more than 35 years.

Advanced dental technology plays a tremendous role in the level of care dentists provide. At Madison Dental Partners, we use to adapting to new techniques and technologies for the benefit of our patients, because staying abreast of the best way to treat individuals is what we’ve been doing since 1975. We know that state-of-the-art instruments allow us to better detect, prevent, and treat many dental conditions. We are adept at using digital radiography and imaging, preventative laser detection of decay (diagnodent) and advanced tooth-whitening techniques that allow us to minimize invasive procedures and prevent future problems. We routinely employ articulators which simulates the exact bite of a patient so it can be carefully analysed for stress points to the teeth and damage to the joint. We employ all these techniques because, as dentists, we understand better than anyone else that your comfort is of paramount importance during every procedure. By utilizing technology to its fullest potential, we enhance the quality of our treatments and eliminate your discomfort.

Our technology includes: