When it comes to dentistry, we work harder and smarter.

Our staff has been trained at the top universities and hospitals. But our education doesn’t stop there. See, keeping up with advancements in the field is part of our responsibility. So we are committed to continuing dental education in order to provide our patients with the latest techniques and advances that dentistry has to offer. Continued training for dentists, treatment coordinators and hygienists is the cornerstone of the practice’s longtime policy to ensure we are servicing our patients with a complete practice management system.

To do this, we implement comprehensive team training initiatives that allow our practice to engage in a full range of patient matters, from diagnosis to treatment planning. The results are major diagnostic and treatment advancements and implementation of new methods that are less invasive and more effective. Our management system benefits our patients by increasing trust, diminishing apprehension, encouraging dentist/patient communication and instilling confidence in the level of care we provide.

A principle goal of the management system is to involve patients in their treatment decisions. Our innovative approach builds upon our success in comprehensive patient care.